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Medford, OR

 Air Conditioning Repair in Medford, OR

Medford Oregon is a place with a diverse climate. In the winter this town can get 26 inches of snow per year and the summer highs reach up to 90 degrees, so needless to say Heating units and AC units are an important investment to maintain. Without both, your days in Medford could quickly become miserable. At Calculated Comfort Heating and AC services, located near Medford, their knowledgeable staff are available to help the temperature in your home stay comfortable. They accomplish this by offering their expertise on the critical calculations needed to obtain maximum energy efficiency.


Calculated Comfort heating and AC repair services the entire Southern Oregon including Grant’s Pass,, Brookings, Gold Beach, Port Orford, Bandon, Coos Bay and Coquille, Talent, Ashland, Merlin, Rouge River, Coos Bay, Gold Beach and much more.


There is nothing worse than being in the dead middle of summer and your Air Conditioning Unit decides to not come on… you can literally hear the doomsday tune melody in your head singing ” dun dun duuuunnnn”. At this point you have 2 option. You can be the “Dan” from Rosanne and look on you tube and try to figure it out which may end up costing you even more in the long run or you can go with a professional. You will likely choose option B and because you will want your AC unit back working fast. At Calculated Comforts they will come diagnose your air conditioning issue for only $39 for residential clients and $49 for commercial clients.


The same diagnostic quote goes for your heater as well. #39 for residential and $49 for commercial. They offer the same quality care with your heating unit that they do with your AC unit and they have no problems explaining the issues to you in a language that you will actually understand.
Weather you need Heating repair service or maintaining on your air conditioner, Calculated Comfort has you covered. They have manufacturer certified technicians that specialize in what they do and take pride in their work. You can visit their website or call them direct at 541.690.8391 so call today and be comfortable again in your own home. Climate control is a luxury that can be undervalued until we lose that power. Take control of your home climate again and call Calculated Comforts.

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