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Restaurant Refrigeration & Repair in Medford, OR

Refrigeration and Restaurant Equipment Repair & Service in Medford

For a restaurant business, the equipment for refrigeration and and all of your cold side and hot side equipment are essential.  Your customers are demanding, and won’t tolerate any downtime or any issues.  Your commercial walk-in freezer protects thousands of dollars in inventory, storing food safely for your customers. If you work in the foodservice industry, you know just how crucial a well-functioning freezer really is.We specialize in both all Hot-side & Cold-side Equipment! We are the only Taylor certified HVAC company in the Rogue Valley and also service Sulting, Manitowok, Hoshizaka, Scottsman and KoolAir.

Whether you need service for your HVAC, ice cream machines, ice machines, deep fryers, cook tops or refrigeration, Calculated Comfort is your all in one restaurant equipment company.  We have served business all over southern Oregon for years, and bring experience, reliability and quality service to your refrigeration repair issue.

Residential and Commercial Repair of Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

  • $39 service & diagnostic call for Residential.
  • $49 service & diagnostic call for Commercial.

We can service any unit made by any manufacturer! And, we’ll teach you how to maximize your energy efficiency.